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PR & Technical Rider

Promotional Material

Here you can find our a promotional foto for download:

Flagstaff - 50's Rock'n'Roll

(click on the picture to download)

 Flagstaff 94KB

Lucas L. (double bass)
Edo (vocals, stand-up drums)
Dany (sax)
Stefan (guitar)

The Horn Connection

Lukas N. (trumpet)
Charlotte (alto sax)
Lukas (bariton sax)


Technical Rider / Stage Plan

Any live performance of Flagstaff depends very much on the show elements. A professional stage set-up is an absolute must.For all our audiences to experience the unique live Flagstaff feeling, we strongly suggest any organizer to contact us immediately should there by any unsolved technical issues. Our Technical Rider/Stageplan is available for download here: Technical Rider (4 musicians). Thank you!

Flagstaff - 50's Rock'n'Roll - Technical Rider for Download

Technical Rider (4 Musicians)





Here's the Technical Rider for a performance with additional 3 Horns.


From Our Picture Book!


Flagstaff Live!